We can provide services and support for individuals, universities, and other organisations. Keep reading to see how each of our service areas might apply to you, and/or contact us directly to discuss how we can help.

(e.g. government, health and community groups and services, research organisations, industry and professional businesses, not-for-profit organisations, others).
Professional Editing
Editing and proof reading of:
  • Research dissertations and theses;
  • Journal articles, books, book chapters, and other research outputs;
  • Research funding applications; and
  • Powerpoint and similar presentations.
We can also provide advice and support for journal-specific formatting and submission requirements, and responding to journal editors, and article review for resubmission.
  • Critical review and editing of Australian competitive and other funding applications;
  • Editing, proof reading and formatting of internal reports, course materials, and other documents.
  • Editing, proof reading and formatting of reports, journal articles, grant applications, and other documents;
  • Journal-specific formatting and submission requirements;
  • Advice and support for responding to journal editors, and article review for resubmission; and
  • Advice and support for other aspects of research, technical, academic, and other forms of written documentation.
Professional Development and Career Support
  • One-on-one  consultation on academic and research career planning, and job application and interview skills;
  • Critique of written job applications, and job-specific advice regarding interview strategies.
We aim to help students, their supervisors, and early career researchers develop skills that are highly transferable beyond academia. Examples include project management skills for researchers, career development and planning, and job application and interview strategies.
We can develop custom training packages to meet your needs.  We can deliver training for you via your online platform, and/or we can develop a package that includes presenter guidelines and supporting materials for in-house delivery.
If you have specific training or career support/development requirements, particularly in relation to research or related areas, please contact us to discuss your needs.
Project Consultancy
We can provide advice on:
  • Research project design and methodology;
  • Developing a framework for managing research and other projects; and
  • Advice and support for developing and maintaining effective partnerships between academic and industry/professional organisations or other stakeholders.
We can provide support in project implementation, evaluation, and risk assessment/mitigation. We have particular experience in:
  • In depth reporting on research and research training in national and global contexts;
  • Optimising specialist research and teaching facilities on university campuses;
  • Designing evaluation frameworks for key strategic projects;
  • Establishing and managing highly effective partnerships between universities and industry/professional organisations to build research skills, capacity and critical mass.
  • Designing stakeholder engagement frameworks for research and other projects.
Our project-related skills are broad; please contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist you.
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